Dec 29, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Alive

Whew- it's been a while since i last posted on here! 

Things in the Collins house have been busy!  Here is a little recap of whats been going on (pics to follow in a seperate post- i haven't pulled some of them off my camera)!

1- Gamma Xi Weekend
I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in Richmond with my lovely pledge sisters.  We had a really good time- the weekend included a lot of laughs and cocktails.  It is always nice to get together with these girls- i don't get to see them often. 

2- Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving this year was wonderful, as always.  Chris and I split our time between the Vestal's and the Collins.  It was a busy weekend- but so good to see extended family.

3- Bridal Shower
I travelled to Oak Island to host a Christmas bridal shower for my dear friend Jennifer.  It was so fun to celebrate Jennifer and Dave with wonderful friends and lots of yummy treats.  We even topped off the shower with tacky Christmas sweaters.

4- Four Months
Chris and I celebrated our 4 month wedding anniversary on December 10th....time sure is flying!

5- Boone Bound
In Mid December Chris and I, along with our friends Matthew and Lauren, went to Boone to for the weekend.  We were invited by L & M to tag along that weekend to celebrate Laurens birthday and her recent graduation.  It was a beautiful, yet chilly, weekend in the Appalachian Mountains.  We had a wonderful time- we spent the weekend enjoying each others company, eating, and shopping!  We cant wait to go back.

6- Glasses
With the end of the year approaching- i realized i had some money in my Flex spending account that i needed to spend or i would lose with the new year.  I decided it would be a good opportunity to have my eyes checked- i don't know if I've ever really had them checked.  So long story short- turns out i need reading/computer glasses.  I've never had glasses in my life....this might take some getting used to!

7- Christmas
Christmas was wonderful this year- especially since it was my first as a Mrs.  Chris really spoiled me this year and went waaaay overboard with the gifts!  We split our time between Burlington and Greensboro and it was wonderful.  I love being so close to both families!

8- House
Chris and I have made some updates to our home recently.  We have installed new blinds in the living room, new drapes in the living room, added shelves to the coat closet to turn it into a pantry (we currently don't have one), and added a back splash in the kitchen.  We have both realized that we are not DIY people- hahah, but since we don't have money to pay anyone we have had to step up and take care of it.  We also have to give credit to our wonderful brother in law for doing most of the projects- its nice to have a handy man in the family.  We would like to repaint the walls and have the carpets cleaned next - once those two things are done we plan on putting our condo up for sale.  We are ready for a bigger place ASAP!

9- Pups
Just thought i would mention the boys- they are doing great!  They didn't love that Chris and I were gone almost every weekend in December, however they are much happier now that things are slowing down.

We are looking forward to the new year and what it has to bring!

Nov 17, 2011

Mid Week Brain Dump (a little late)...

I feel like the weeks are just flying by...Thanksgiving next week, shut up!  And before we know it- Christmas!  Saying this out loud reminds me of all of the things i need to do between now and the end of the year!  Yikes!

1-  Last weekend was spent traveling to Richmond to visit Matt and Lora.  As always we had a wonderful time- mom and dad even came!  We had a late birthday celebration for both of them, complete with craw fish etouffee, oysters, and plenty of alcohol.  The party was a success- I am already looking forward to next years!

2- There are so many things I want to update in my condo.  Chris and I would love to move tomorrow- however, there are things that need to be fixed before that can happen.  I have made a list- and luckily i have a handy brother in law who is willing to come down and help!  A weekend is set for upgrades- now i just need to cross some things off the list before then....ugh!

3- I have no free weekends between now and Christmas, seriously I'm tired just thinking about it.  My schedule looks something like this:  Richmond (again), Thanksgiving, (Richmond again- see #4), Oak Island, Stanley, Asheville, Christmas.

4- You may wonder why i keep going to Richmond- well the 3rd trip will actually be to Williamsburg VA.  Funny Story:  When Chris and I went to the State Fair a couple of weeks ago, i entered our names into the raffles that were set up.  Well shockingly- i was picked!  Chris and I won- a 3 day/2 night trip to Williamsburg VA, a 4 day/3 night trip to Orlando, and a $125 Visa.  I seriously never win anything!  The only thing we have to do is go sit in a 90 minute session in which they will try their very hardest to convince us we need to purchase a timeshare in 1 of the locations. :)

5- Chris is currently job hunting again.  He is still with Wells Fargo, but is ready to move on and seek other opportunities.  I remember job hunting- its probably one of my least favorite things ever- i know Chris is struggling with it too.  If y'all can remember - just say a little prayer for him and his job journey!

5- Sons of Anarchy- i am hooked.  This season is SO good!

6- Speaking of hooked- Pinterest, you are suck a time sucker......but i cant seem to stop!  So many cool things can be find on pinterest! 

7- I am going to try and have all of my Christmas shopping done in the next couple of weeks.  I also may even give the ole Black Friday shopping a try.  I am not one to normally participate in the Black Friday craziness- but with it starting early this year (10 pm Thanksgiving night)- i feel like i may actually enjoy it.

On the Black Friday topic- do you participate in Black Friday shopping?  What are the must get deals out there???

Oct 26, 2011

Mid Week Brain Dump

Does anyone else feel like the week is dragging....i am pretty sure it should already be Friday....sigh!

Here are some random events/thoughts from the past week:

- Last Monday evening was spent at the emergency vet with both dogs in tow.  Chris got home from work to an  entire bottle of Ibuprofen chewed open and pills scattered all over the floor.  We got them to the vet (not knowing if they even consumed any pills)- only to leave with a bill (that covers 2 months of my mortgage payments)- which included:  medicine to induce vomiting, medicine to make them stop vomiting, a blood panel, 2 meds to take home, and an outpatient fee (whatever the hell that is). ugh.

- Chris and I went to the State Fair this past weekend.  This is the first time i have been in probably 10 years.  Can i say that i will be just fine if i never go back again?  Too many people with nothing better to do (ie teenagers up to no good).  I am honestly surprised we didn't see any fights, arguments, etc.  The only reason i went was for a caramel apple (and maybe some other delicious goodies!). :)

- I have been browsing for the perfect Christmas card- i know its early, but I'm excited to send them out seeing as it's my first Christmas as a Collins!  Zulily is running a special with Tiny Prints - offering $20 for $40 worth of Christmas Cards.  You can find the deal here- but hurry up, it ends 10/28!

- This Friday night Chris is going to an exhibition game in Chapel Hill.  I am kind of excited to have a Friday night at home, alone.  I plan on snuggling up with the dogs and watching movies!

- Saturday we are heading to Charlotte to spend the night with some friends.  Sunday morning we are getting up early to start tailgating for the Panthers vs. Vikings game.  This is my first NFL game- i am really excited! It also doesn't hurt that we have 2nd row seats..... :)  Let's just hope the weather is good and the Panthers play as good as they did last weekend! Ha

- I cannot believe Halloween is already here, where did October go?!?  My work always holds a costume contest - i never participate, but i am excited to see what people come up with this year!

- I have to take an exam for work on Friday.  I have been reminded recently how much i do not miss studying.

- Do any of you watch SOA (Sons of Anarchy)?  I did not think i would like the series- but it is SO good.  It is my Tuesday night treat these days!

- I REALLY need to get my hair done.  I should not be allowed in public with all of the gray hair i have right appointment next week cannot come soon enough!

- I know a lot of girls that are either pregnant or are having babies right makes me have baby fever SO bad!  Poor Chris.... :)

Oct 18, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Every year i tell myself that i will be better about Christmas shopping.  That means NOT waiting until Dec 1st to start my shopping.  It seems like i try to start shopping early each year- but for whatever reason i don't truly get started until well into December.

I have 2 main reasons for trying to shop early:  1) I wont be stuck running around with all of the last minute shoppers the week of Christmas.  There is nothing i hate more than that!  2) The financial impact is not as great when you space out your purchases.  No one wants to drop tons of money on gifts for EVERYONE at once. 

So last week i made a conscious effort to begin my shopping - and let me tell you i am loving the fact that i am already half way through with all of my Christmas Shopping!

Here are a few places i have scored some really good deals at!

Buckhead Betties Warehouse Sale
Twice a year Buckhead Betties has a HUGE warehouse sale in Greensboro.  They have 1 in April and 1 in October.  I decided to go this year and get myself other people gifts.  They have everything from overnight bags to coolers and aprons.  It is SO cute!

I just found out about Zulily (i know, i must be behind)!  They have some really cute things for all ages- and most always have pretty good sales.

Sierra Trading Post
Sierra Trading Post is my favorite site by far right now!  If you are not on their email distro list you are missing out.  I have bought quite a few things from there in the last week.  They send out the BEST email coupons- just today i got a coupon for an extra 45% off items (not my total purchase- but each item).  They have everything from shoes, to clothes, to home goods.

Who doesn't love Amazon- they always have deals/sales going on.  Ive purchased a couple of items there recently- i will definitely be doing to Christmas shopping from Amazon!

Where are your favorite places to shop?  Who do you think has the best deals?

Oct 17, 2011

Things we can laugh about now....

So i know i mentioned in this post that there were quite a few events that occurred that could have easily 'ruined' our wedding.  I know everyone that plans a wedding or big event kind of expects there to be hiccups.  I don't think i could have prepared myself for some of the hiccups we had.  So many bad things happened that Chris and I actually made a mental list on the way home from our honeymoon.  We knew eventually we would be able to laugh about it all.  So below are all of the unfortunate events that occurred beginning the week leading up to my wedding and throughout our honeymoon!  I will try to list them in the order they occurred.

(Warning this post is going to be LONG)

*Dads Fingers
I woke up to an email on the Tuesday before my wedding from my mom letting me know she would be late to work (we work together) because she's spent most of the night in the ER with my dad.  My dad had been at work the night before work on some of his products.  While cutting one with a table saw the piece slipped out of his had and pieces shot up at his face.  In an effort to protect his face he put his hand up- in doing so he sliced the tips off of 3 of his fingers.  Honestly he is very lucky- things could have been MUCH worse.  He needed about 15 stitches.  To say the least, he was bummed, about his 'fishing hand'!

*Loras Pitts
Oh Lora!  Well she decided that it would be a good idea to user her husbands deodorant- since she really liked the smell of it.  What she didn't know what that men's deodorant is not meant to be worn by women (or people that shave).  A couple of days into wearing his deodorant - she had developed 2nd degree burns on her underarms.  She had visited the doc a couple of times before we left for FL - to get medicine and burn cream.  Her arms were finally on the mend when we got to FL, but were still looking pretty painful!

*Florida House Scam
This by far the biggest event that happened in relation to the wedding.  Let me back up a bit on this. 

When Chris and i got engaged and decided our wedding would be in FL- all of us started on the hunt for the perfect house.  When we found this house we thought it would be perfect!  We put down a deposit and paid it in full last December (9 months before out wedding).  Prior to paying in full my mom did a lot of research on reviews of people who had rented this home.  For the most part all were good- but 1 review stuck out to my mom.  It was from a family who had rented the house for a week.  They reported that the week prior to heading to FL- the rental was pulled from the market and their reservation was cancelled.  They stated that they eventually found another place and all was well - but they had reported it to the police.  The police couldn't do anything about it because the families money was returned.  Mom voiced her concerns to us all - but the more we talked about it- the more we decided that it was probably just a 1 time thing.  After all- there were way more positive review than negative ones.

Fast forward to the week we were to leave to head to Florida.  Wednesday August 3rd (we were flying to FL August 6th)- we received an email stating that the owners of the house we rented decided to pull the house from the market and cancel all reservations.  Three days before we are due to arrive in Florida we find out we have no where to stay and more importantly no where to have our wedding.

To say i was shocked would be an understatement.  My entire wedding planning process was smooth- i never stressed about anything, i mean anything.  People always asked me 'Are you stressed yet?'- My answer was always no!  When my mom broke the news to me that Wednesday morning at work- i just broke down crying.  Once i got a good cry out- we pulled everyone we knew together to work their magic to find us a new place.  We finally secured a place on Friday (the day before we left). 

With the last minute cancellation of the house we knew something with the entire situation wasn't right.  We new we had been part of a scam- but there was little we could do about it at the moment.  We had more important things to figure out. 

After all was said and done- the house we stayed at was great.  Was it ideal- no, but it was a place to stay and more importantly it was a place to have our wedding.

I will say that i am happy to report that the creep that did all of this- was arrested last week in relation to vacation rental fraud.  He is looking at hard time- and he deserves every bit of it.  You can read about his arrest and charges here.  I really have no more negative energy left in me to throw this mans way- lets just say when all went down i placed a phone call to him and gave him an earful about how i felt about the situation.  At least now i know he wont be doing this to anyone else.

Lesson learned- trust moms gut!

*Dead Battery
The night before leaving for Florida- Chris and i decided to go out and have dinner.  On the way home from dinner i decided to stop at the gas station to fill up my car- we were going to take my car to the airport and then in turn to CB for our honeymoon.
I filled up with gas and jumped back in my car to head home so that i could finish packing.  I go to crank the car......nothing.  Dead battery- this was definitely something i didn't have time for.

So my sweet husband comes to the rescue and jumps my car off.  We decided not to take my car to the airport and risk it being dead when we returned from Florida. 

At this point i was beginning to think a greater being was trying to keep us from getting to FL! :)

*What Reservations?
My mother in law booked reservations for us at this cool place called 'Sun Downers'.  We were really excited to have our rehearsal dinner there- as we heard it was a really wonderful place to see a beautiful sunset!  My mom and mother in law went to the restaurant early to decorate the tables.  When they got there they checked in just to find out they didn't have our reservation for 16.  Needles to say after all of the events that had already occurred this did not go over well.  I will say the restaurant still made it happen and our rehearsal dinner turned out to be wonderful (minus the sunset- the weather was too bad).

*Wedding Day Weather
Speaking of weather being bad- the weather for out wedding day (Wednesday August 10th) was supposed to be terrible.  It was supposed to rain ALL day.  I woke up to a cloudy grey sky.  The wedding planner wouldn't let the vendors set up in the event we had to move the wedding inside.  The house we ended up getting at the last minute- was not conducive to having an indoor wedding.  Luckily the rain stopped- the wedding planner rushed to get everything set up outside.  It ended up being beautiful- but it was a bit cloudy and VERY windy during the ceremony.  My veil flew out of my head twice- once wrapping around Chris' neck! HA!

*Rental Car
Chris and I rented a mustang to drive while we were down in Florida.  We thought it would be a fun car to have - plus we kicked off our honeymoon in Florida and needed our own car to get around.  The day of our wedding someone came up to me to let me know that there was not only a crack in our rentals windshield- but that it had spider webbed across the front.  We have really good luck don't we? :)

Chris' brother Ryan had pneumonia a couple of weeks before we got married- but was cleared and healthy prior to leaving for FL.
The night of our wedding he began feeling very ill- two days later he was admitted to the Key Largo hospital with pneumonia in both lungs.  Both chris' mom and his brother were not able to return to NC with us- they had to stay a couple extra days until he was released from the hospital.  I am happy to say- he is doing well now!

*Delayed Flights
Our flight from Florida back to NC was delayed twice- i don't even remember what the reason was for the delay.  Chris and I were anxious to get back to NC so that we could get to Carolina Beach to enjoy our honeymoon.  We finally took off from FL- about the time we were supposed to be landing in NC.  Killing time in a VERY crowded Ft. Lauderdale airport is not fun.

*Chris' Car
When we finally made it back to NC- we jumped in Chris' car to head for Carolina Beach.  Upon starting the car- we could both tell that the car didn't feel/sound right.  We thought maybe it was because his car had been parked for a week- while we were in FL.  As soon as we pull out of the airport both his check engine/maintenance required light come on. 
At this point- i just wanted to get to the beach- we both decided to just keep driving and if need be we would take his car to a shop at the beach.  We risked it the entire week and prayed that the car would get us back to Greensboro safely.  We did make it back to GSO just fine- and Chris dealt with his car upon our return.  Nothing terrible came of this- but this is just another issue that we had to deal with.

I know in the scheme of things none of this is life changing.  Everything turned out wonderful- and everyone was (eventually) healthy and happy.  I just thought i would share some of the 'bumps', as i like to call them, that occurred during our wedding process.

And people wonder where my gray hair is from! :)

What are some of the 'bumps' that happened at your wedding or big event you hosted?

Oct 5, 2011

Must Haves- Fall Edition

I thought it would be fun to do another version of my current 'Must Haves'.  You can see version 1 here.

In no particular fall favorites are:

1- My Crock Pot
(This is not the crock pot I have)
There is just something about a crock pot meal in the fall!  I hate to admit, my crock pot normally collects dust during the summer months.  However, once the weather starts to cool off- I always find myself itching to make new crock pot yummies!
Two of my favorite crock pot meals are :  pulled pork and chicken taco soup.....YUM!

(Photo via)

2- Scarves
I love wearing scarves.  I think its a great way to accessorize your wardrobe- but also now that the weather is cool, its a great way to keep warm.  I have probably 15 scarves- you think I'm ready for the cold weather? :)

(Photo via)

3- Football
Who doesn't love football- whether it is being at the game or watching on TV?!

(Photo via)

4- Dark Nail Polish
I always keep my toes polished- but during the fall i like to wear a dark color on my nails.  Here are some of my current favorites!

Lourve Me Lourve Me Not- OPI

Romeo and Joliet- OPI

Lincoln Park at Midnight- OPI

Damsel in a Dress- essie
Merino Cool- essie

Bahama Mama- essie
(All photos via)

5-  Baking
I absolutely LOVE to cook- but bake?  Most of the time, no thanks!  In the fall I get a baking bug- here are a few things i am going to try this year!

Pumpkin Cookie with brown butter frosting- Recipe Here

Southern Apple Crumble- Recipe Here

Blueberry and Lemon Tart- Recipe Here

(All photos via)

What are your favorite things this fall??

Sep 21, 2011

Sep 9, 2011

Our Honeymoon

I did not intentionally go this long without updating the blog with details from our honeymoon- time has just been flying!

Our honeymoon began in Marathon Florida.  After the wedding we ate and relaxed with family and then took off to Conch Key Cottages in Marathon Florida.  You can find pictures of our cottage here!  We spent Wednesday night- Saturday morning at CKC- it was wonderful.  We spent these days eating too much, drinking too much, sleeping, and exploring Florida.  It was a wonderful way to kick off married life!

(Our Car in FL)
(First Day as a married man)
(Heading into Key West for the day)
(Beautiful Sunset)
(Lazy Days- yummy dinner spot)

(Handsome husband at dinner at Lazy Days)

After 3 days of honeymooning in Florida we jumped on a plane back to good ole NC.  As soon as we landed Chris and i took off to Spend the next week (the second half of our honeymoon) at Carolina Beach.
(Doing what he loves)
(Our ride for the day- Ft. Fisher)
(Chris' Catch- Harbor Oaks)
(Off to dinner at Freddie's on the last night of our honeymoon)

We had such a wonderful time on our honeymoon- i seriously could not get back into the swing of work.  It was so nice to have a little over 2 weeks off of work to spend with the people i love the most.  Although we didn't want our vacation to end, we could not wait to get back home to our sweet boys.  We have never spend that much time away from them- it was very hard for both of us!  They were equally as thrilled for us to come home! :)
We headed back to Greensboro on Thursday August 18th- just in time to get settled as husband and wife and celebrate my 27th birthday! :)

August was a very good month for Chris and I!  I'm ready to do it again! :)

Aug 20, 2011

We are HOME!

We are home, married, and couldn't be happier!!!!

The last two weeks have really been the best 2 weeks of my life- albeit all of the mishaps we have had lately.  (Those details are for a separate post!)

Here is what i have been up to for the past 2 weeks.... first up, Key Largo!

(This is the house we got at the last minute.  This is also where the 'I DO's' were done!!)

(Lora and I at the Bridal Luncheon at 'The Conch House'- so yummy.  If you are ever in the area it is a must visit)

(Flowers from the Luncheon)

(Last Day as a Vestal)

We also had a rehearsal dinner- it as at 'Sundowners'.  I didn't get any pictures from this night- but this is also a must visit if you are in the area!!!

(Getting Ready on the big day)

(After wedding Dinner)

(Our Wedding Cake)

(Right After the wedding)

(Listening to our dads)

(Vestal, Collins, Scott)

Next up I will recap the 2nd half of our wedding vacation!!!

Aug 5, 2011

And we're off.....

We are heading to the Keys in the morning and I couldn't be more excited!  This week has really tested me and right now i am just emotionally drained.  I have not been nervous at all during this entire wedding process.  Well that was not the case as of Wednesday- we got some really devastating news- it really shook our wedding plans to the core.  I will share details about it once we return from our trip-  right now i need to focus on relaxing, getting married, and honeymooning!

Next time you hear from me I will be a Collins! :)

Jul 26, 2011

Wedding Checklist Update!

Is it August 6th yet? 
We are now in the final countdown to our much anticipated trip to Florida to get married.....I.AM.SO.READY!

While i still have a lot of loose ends to tie up at work - i knocked a lot of wedding 'to-do's' off my list since the last update.

Below is an update to the last million or so couple of things i had left to do in regards to the wedding!

  • Fax the photographer the picture list- they will go by this the day of the wedding.  I need to make sure I'm not leaving any important pictures out!   Done!

  • Send the DJ (reception) the music list.  Still need to do this!

  • Decide on a first dance song for Chris and I- we have it down to 2.  He likes one I like the other, go figure! Still haven't decided on one....although I'm pretty sure we will be going with my choice :)

  • Find a reception dress- i have 3 ordered but they haven't come in yet- hopefully 1 of them works! :) This was a big fat FAIL.  All 3 of the dresses i ordered did not work- my original plan was to wear an ivory dress (not my wedding dress) to the reception.  Do you know how hard it is to find a semi- casual white or ivory dress......very hard.  So after 3 failed attempts and a lot of stress i am no longer attempting to wear a white/ivory dress to the reception.  Thanks to my dear friend Emily who is letting me borrow a beautiful blue dress of hers!  So- checking that off the list!

  • Grooms wedding attire.  Done- the shirt fits perfect and the pants are being altered as we speak!

  • Marriage License- Can't worry about until we are in Florida!

  • First dance song for my dad and myself-  Waiting on my dad!

  • First dance song for Chris and his mom-  Waiting on my MIL!

  • Update Beazley and Dutches kennel cough vaccine.  Both are heading to the doctor Thursday!

  • Get Chris a wedding gift!!!  I think i am going to get him a reel that he really wants- such a boy! I need to get on this!
  • Figure out how to get all of my things to FL:  wedding dress, gifts for everyone, clothes, makeup, shoes, wedding bands, etc, etc, etc!!!  I have decided it is going to be too hard (and expensive) to mail down all of the gifts i have for the people coming to FL with us.  Instead i will give the gifts out at the reception.

  • Finish the wedding day jewelry search- I've purchased a couple of necklaces but I'm not in love with any of them.  Sigh. Finally done with this- this was a major source of stress.  I ended up getting a really pretty necklace from Macy's - it wasn't what i was really going for, but is beautiful and will work nonetheless.

  • Pay our honeymoon reservation in full- Done!

  • Have my bachelorette party- next weekend WOOHOO Done- and it was SO MUCH FUN!

And last but not least....

Have my bridal portraits taken!  I am finally crossing this off the list TODAY, thank God!
**Please pray i dont melt in this heat....oye!

11 days until we are Key Largo bound.....and 15 days until we say 'I DO'!

Jul 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday....

Linking up with Jamie to share What I'm Loving this Wednesday!

Today I am loving dinner night with friends.  I look forward to this every Wednesday- relaxing with friends is a nice way to break up the week!  Plus 40% off Wednesdays at my favorite Mexican spot doesn't hurt either! :)

Today I am loving the wonderful girls weekend I just had.  My fabulous friends through me a bachelorette party at Lake Lure- it was so much fun!!  I seriously have the best friends!

(thanks for the photo Rebbecca)

Today I am loving that Chris and I have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of us!  And when i say relaxing, i mean a weekend full of last minute errands- at least we will be staying in town!

Today I am loving that Chris' linen shirt and pants for the wedding came in and they look/fit great!  Now we just need the pants hemmed and his wedding day attire will be done!

Today I am loving that I marry my sweet man in exactly 3 weeks!  I am beyond excited....let the fun begin!!:)

Jul 7, 2011

Engagement Pics....

Now that i have purchased the CD with all of our engagement photos  i thought i would share some of our favorites! :)  Prepare for picture overload! :)

Again- credit to Jen Yuson of Jen Yuson Photography on the wonderful pictures!
(I had to sneak this one in :))

The countdown is on....

The wedding countdown is officially on!!!
One month from yesterday we will be in Florida!  I absolutely cannot wait- 4 more weeks is all i have left....i can do this!  Rebecca, we can totally find a way to bring you along!! :)

The last 'big' thing i have to check off my list (besides saying i do) is having my bridal portraits done. I was scheduled to have them taken today- however the weather is not looking very accommodating.  I am bummed to say the least.  I have a back up day- but i had already gotten everything lined up:  hair, makeup, time off of work, bouquet, nails done, etc.  So the portrait has been cancelled and rescheduled for my backup day in late July- lets hope it doesn't rain that day too!  So now- I have a pretty bouquet and nothing to do with it- maybe i will just take it apart and put it in a vase. ha :)

Just for my own knowledge, here are the remaining things i need to get done for the wedding!
  • Fax the photographer the picture list- they will go by this the day of the wedding.  I need to make sure I'm not leaving any important pictures out!
  • Send the DJ (reception) the music list
  • Decide on a first dance song for Chris and I- we have it down to 2.  He likes one I like the other, go figure!
  • Find a reception dress- i have 3 ordered but they haven't come in yet- hopefully 1 of them works! :)
  • Grooms wedding attire- this has been one of the hardest things!  Who would have thought linen pants and a linen shirt would be so hard to find during summer?!?  I have a pair of pants ordered for him- again, they haven't come in yet. 
  • Marriage License- this is a biggie!  It wont be legal unless we get this.  We will be getting this first thing Monday morning once we arrive in FL.  I may have had a slight panic attack 2 days ago- i read that marriage licenses in FL have a 3 day hold on them.  Well if you do the math with me- get the license on Monday- it wont be valid until Thursday- we are getting married on Wednesday.....FAIL.  However, once i did more investigating it states that if both parties are not FL residents there is no hold.  WHEW!
  • First dance song for my dad and myself- he picked out the song he danced to with Lora so i know he will want to do that again.....i need to get on him about this!
  • First dance song for Chris and his mom- I need to remind my mother in law :)
  • Update Beazley and Dutches kennel cough vaccine.  Both of them will be boarded while we are in FL and will need up to date vaccines!
  • Get Chris a wedding gift!!!  I think i am going to get him a reel that he really wants- such a boy!
  • Figure out how to get all of my things to FL:  wedding dress, gifts for everyone, clothes, makeup, shoes, wedding bands, etc, etc, etc!!!
  • Finish the wedding day jewelry search- I've purchased a couple of necklaces but I'm not in love with any of them.  Sigh.
  • Pay our honeymoon reservation in full- doing that as we speak!!
  • Have my bachelorette party- next weekend WOOHOO

I think that covers everything- I am sure i will add to the list as we get closer but for now whats on there is more than enough to think about!

Hope y'all had a great holiday!

Let freedom ring!