Aug 29, 2012

WLW- Week 3

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 3

Weight loss Goal:  70 lbs
Week 3 loss:  2.5 lbs
Total loss:  6.5 lbs

Weekly workout details

Wednesday:  None

Thursday:  Gym
- 20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.25 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Friday:  None

Saturday:  Gym
-20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.20 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Sunday:  40 minute walk with the dogs

Monday:  Gym
-10 Min on eliptical
* 1.25 miles
-10 Min on Treadmill
*walk- 1.0 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Tuesday:  None

* I gave my knees a break this week- they had been hurting a bit from running.  So, i backed off and put in some time on the elliptical.  I still like running better- i just feel like I'm doing more- maybe it is because i can feel everything moving, haha.
*I continued with my BBV shakes for breakfast/lunch with an occasional snack in between.
*I feel really good lately and I'm starting to notice a little bit of difference in how my clothes fit.
*I haven't had any alcohol in 10 days- i really don't miss it at all.  To be honest this wasn't really intentional- i would just much rather eat my calories than drink them! :)
*I wish i had taken my measurements- i know that there is a good chance there will be a loss in inches even if there isn't much of a lb loss for the week.  I may take my measurements this weekend just to track that way too.
*Happy to have week 3 down!  Cheers to week 4!

Aug 27, 2012

Things I am currently loving...

Life is good right now, here are some things i am currently loving....

1- That i can finally say.....I am going to be an Aunt!  Lora and Matt are expecting a precious little baby at the end of Feb.  To say i am excited is an understatement.  Their journey to this point has been a long one and i couldn't be more thrilled for them.  I am very much looking forward to having another niece or nephew!

2- That i got a call from the doctor today about my recent blood work.  Everything looks normal, while this doesn't resolve my issues, it is definitely a relief to hear this news.

3- My new ear buds that i recently got.  My mom gave me a pair- she uses them and loves them.  If you haven't tried yurbuds, i would highly recommend them.  They are so comfortable and stay put while i work out.  They are a little pricey- but in my opinion worth the extra money!

4- For the last week and a half- i have been back on the body by vi shakes for breakfast and lunch.  My favorite is the iced coffee.  SO GOOD.  Here is how i make mine...

4 ounces (1/2 cup) of silk soy lite
4 ounces (1/2 cup) of water
2 scoops of bbv shake mix
1 teaspoon of instant coffee
1 single serving pack of Maxwell House International Iced Coffee Mix- Iced French Vanilla

If you like iced coffee, you will love this!  You really don't need to add the instant coffee- but i like the extra coffee flavor it adds.

5- That i made my first trip to Whole Foods this weekend.  It was so fun- what can i say, it doesn't take much to entertain me!  Chris and I have been trying to eat as clean as possible- so far WF has not dissapointed.

6- That i have tried so many new recipes for dinner lately.  Like i said, we are trying to eat as clean and natural as possible.  Since i am 'shaking' for breakfast and lunch- i have spent some time in the kitchen making some new recipes for dinner.  I found a site that i really like- it is :  budgetbytes(dot)com.  She has a lot of good, budget conscious recipes.  Our favorite so far is - a chorizo and sweet potato enchilada recipe.  I made them over the weekend and 1 small enchilada was enough to fill me up.  We will be trying a couple other recipes from her site this week- i will probably do a recipe review next week.

7- My Chris man- he is just a sweet one.  He has been really supportive in my weight loss journey- he gets up with me every morning that i work out and goes to the gym with me.  It has been really nice to have him by my side in all of this.  I am also loving that he is back in school- i helped him with some homework last night, and whew i am a little rusty with the whole school thing.  I ended the night of homework with a headache....haha.  But it really makes me proud that he is back in school- i am really excited for him.

We have a lot going on this week- I cannot believe August is almost over!

Aug 22, 2012

WLW- Week 2

Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 2

Weight loss Goal:  70 lbs
Week 2 loss:  1 lb
Total loss:  4 lbs

Weekly workout details

Wednesday:  Gym

- 20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.20 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Thursday:  Gym
- 20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.25 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Friday:  None

Saturday:  None

Sunday:  None

Monday:  None

Tuesday:  Gym

- 20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.25 miles
- 25 Min with weights

*My lack of exercise this week was due to the fact that we were out of town all weekend.
*I am still happy with a 1 lb loss considering I ate cake twice this weekend (once for my anniversary and once for my birthday).
*Chris and I are back on track for this week.  Looking forward to better results next week.
*I also had my blood work done Monday, hopefully we will get some results this week from that.
*New running shoes really make you feel better :)

Aug 16, 2012

WLW- Week 1 (a day late)

Weight Loss Wednesdays.  Catchy huh? :)

How i track my progress will probably evolve over time- but for now, im just going to list goals, progress, and anything else related.

Weight loss Goal:  70 lbs

Week 1 loss:  3 lbs

Total loss:  3 lbs

Weekly workout details

Wednesday:  Gym
- 20 Min on elliptical (don't know stats)
- 25 Min with weights

Thursday:  took the dogs for a 40 minute walk

Friday:  Gym

- 20 Min on Treadmill (don't know stats)
- 25 Min with weights

Saturday:  day of rest

Sunday:  took the dogs for a 40 minute walk

Monday:  Gym

- 20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.20 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Tuesday:  Gym
-20 Min on Treadmill
*Run/Walk- 1.40 miles
- 25 Min with weights

Week 1 down....many more to go!  

Aug 15, 2012

A new journey

I mentioned in my new years post that i wanted to get healthy this year- which includes losing weight.  I have to be honest that i haven't done much about this so far this year.  My weight was never really a struggle for me until i quit playing tennis.  I guess when you play tennis 4-5 times a week year round, you really don't have to worry about your weight.  However, when i quit playing (college)- i gained weight- not a ton, but probably 20- 25 pounds.  I maintained this weight through college, it was not my ideal weight, but it was one that i got comfortable with.  About 3 years ago, i quit smoking (best decision ever) and i proceeded to put on another 30+ pounds over time.  

None of these are excuses as to why i gained weight- it has been all me.  I completely take responsibility for it- it happened because i made bad decisions regarding my health.  It has really been a source of struggle for me the last couple of years.

Recently Chris and i have started to have the children talk.  While we would love to get pregnant right now- we know deep down that i need to get healthy (or healthier) first.  I have recently had some health issues that could be a result of my weight- the doctors are not sure yet.  Do you know how hard that was to hear- it makes me emotional just typing it out.  It was a huge wake up call to me- that changes need to be made now.  Not tomorrow, or next week, but now.  So Chris and i have set out on our weight loss journey.  We are still very much in the beginning stages of this- but have committed to each other that we will hold each other accountable.  

We have vowed to exercise and eat healthier- right now we are a week in and it is going well.  It is not easy at all- but i know it will eventually get easier.

I want to use this space to record my progress as a way to keep track of how i'm doing, to hold myself accountable.  I want to be able to look back and see what progress i have made.

I have to go to the doctors on Monday to have some blood work done (on my birthday, boooo!).  We will hopefully have some answers after that about my issue.  (I'm not dying or anything- its not a huge problem, but one that will impact us trying to have children when we are ready).

So here is to this new journey- a recap of my first week coming up!

Aug 6, 2012

Hello August!

I cannot believe it is already august.  Where in the world did summer go?!?  Our summers are full of parties, weddings, birthdays, and vacations.  It seems like the summer months are just a blur.

August is such a special month for us- it is the month when we got engaged, the month we got married, and its my birthday month!  We sure do have a lot to celebrate this month.

It is so crazy to think that this time last year we were on our way to Florida to tie the knot.  There were so many 'obstacles' that we hit right before the wedding-  we were just happy to be on our way to the Sunshine State.

I wish we could get married all over again- we had so much fun during the wedding and on our honeymoon.  We hope to go back to Florida very soon!

In honor of our upcoming (1st) anniversary, here are some pictures of the special day...