Mar 12, 2014

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

I can't believe I havent written anything since September, where has the time gone??

So much has happened since then, here are some of the highlights....

  • On November 19th, we celebrated my Dad's life.  I cannot even believe it has been a year (now longer) since he passed away.  I miss him every single second of every single day.  The hurt never goes away but it does get easier.  I just hold onto the fact that everyday without his is one day closer to seeing him again, what a glorious day that will be!

(Celebration of Life at Mom's house- we also released Carolina Blue balloons with notes from each of us)

  • Our sweet Dutch boy got sick- long story short- he stopped eating, drinking, playing, & basically being himself.  We took him in and after many tests they concluded that he has a tumor on his spleen, called a hemangioma.  We decided against surgery and opted to bring him home to live the rest of his life happy and with the people that love him (me, chris, and beaz).  He is feeling much better and could have more 'episodes' as they call it, but right now we are just praying that he lives the rest of his life (however long that may be), pain free!  If you can ever spare an extra prayer, one for him would be much appreciated!

(Dutch not feeling well, brother B on watch)

  • The holidays were good this year, much better than last year.  Christmas was so fun with William- he is at such a fun age!

  • January 18th was a very bittersweet day for us- that would have been our sweet baby's due date.  We know that this is all in God's timing, but we did let ourselves be sad for the day, dreaming about what could have been.  I sure hope my Dad is taking care of our little jellybean in heaven- we cannot wait to see them both some day.

  • Chris and I take a trip to the mountains every year with our friends- we traveled back to Boone again this year and had a blast!  We love spending time with them, it is always very interesting when we all get together!

  • Chris started school again- which means I am doing homework again.  Whew, I don't remember having this much work when I was in college, times have changed (or maybe I just got old)!

  • On February 18th, my first niece was born, Felicity Rose Collins.  We are so excited that there is a little girl around now and think she is just the sweetest and cutest thing!

  • Mr. William celebrated his 1st birthday, Mickey Mouse style.  I cannot believe he is a year old- what a special boy he is.  We had so much fun celebrating with him and spending time with our friends (Rebecca, Barrett, and little Ellison)! We hope William had the best birthday, he is loved by so many!

  • We put in new floors and have redone a ton in our condo (more on that in another post)- and plan on getting it back on the market in hopes to FINALLY sell this place!

March has started off good- we are looking forward to wonderful things and to also celebrate Chris' birthday later this month!

And just for fun one of my favorite things to do is Face Time with William, he really likes to give Kisses!  I could just eat him up!
(Kisses for Aunt Kristi!)