Jun 21, 2012

Thursday Randoms...

- Our condo is officially on the market.  I like to be optimistic and think that the process of actually selling it wont take forever.....keeping my fingers crossed.

- I got a new car!  Long story short- chris and i needed money for a down payment for our next home so we sold my car.  It put what we needed into our pocket and we leased a car for me.  It came down to the fact that we would rather have a house than a car :) As sad as i was to see the Acura go, i was just as happy to welcome a 2012 Honda CRV- i'm thoroughly enjoying it!

- I have vacation coming up- an entire week off of work.  I.cannnot.wait.

- Going back to the condo situation- keeping a house up to par for showings is not fun.  It is a lot of work when you actually live in the house you are selling and have 2 dogs.  Sheesh.

- I need the following things terribly:  my hair dyed, my nails done, and a tan.  All things that i wish i could just snap my fingers and have done.

- We have SO many weddings this year- i think 7 to be exact.  We have already been to 2- it is definitely wedding season!  Between weddings, showers, and vacations i am pretty much booked this summer!

- I am ready to move (like yesterday).  We are busting at the seams in the condo.  Selling our place and buying a house cannot happen fast enough.

- Ever feel like you constantly give to people in your life and don't receive anything in return?  Yeah, that's how Chris and I feel lately. I'm just really thankful for my sweet hubby and our 2 pups.  

- I cannot believe our 1 year anniversary is quickly approaching.  Time is going so fast.  We have some fun stuff planned - i am very much looking forward to it!

Jun 19, 2012

Las Vegas

Again, i have been terrible with keeping things updated here.  There has been a lot going on between work, vacation, weddings, and parties!

A couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to represent my company in Las Vegas for a week and attend the HP Discover convention (nerds unite!).  I was particularly excited because its been about 13 years since i had been to Vegas- and i was pumped that I would be of age to do some gambling this time.  I was also excited to attend the convention- this is the biggest IT/QA convention of its kind.  It is held each year as a technology showcase for all IT business/customers.  It is a way to learn about new technology as well as network with many people.  

Our flight left RDU at 6am on a Monday morning- we landed in Vegas at 8 am....ah the joys of a time change! :)  We caught a cab to our hotel, The Venetian.  What a beautiful place- it was so big you didn't even need to leave to do anything.  It had 2 pools, 25 + restaurants, 3 casinos, 2 theaters, and so much more.

We quickly got settled into our rooms and headed to the pool.  The heat out west is so different from the heat in the east- it was SO warm.  We relaxed at the pool for about 2 hours and i managed to get burnt!  Later that evening we attended a Welcome banquet that HP put on- it was a nice way to kick off the week.  That evening was spent at one of the restaurant/bars in the hotel, The Public House.  Way too many drinks were consumed and a lot of fun was had that night!  To say that i was not 100% the next day is an understatement.  There may have been some bad decisions made that night- i think i forgot how old i was! :)

To give an idea of how big this event is-- there was an estimated 10,000 people that attended.  With 1,000 sessions available (in a 3 day span) to attend.  Day 2 was spent in sessions- i tried to pick ones that would most benefit my position- however, when there are that many to choose from its tough.  Later that night my company hosted a cocktail party at one of the restaurants in the Venetian.  We invited all of our current customers that were also attending the conference.  It was a really nice event!

After the cocktail party a couple of my coworkers and myself headed to a club at the Mirage, which was across the street.  That was the first club I've been in since i left college, i really don't know how i did that for 5 years, whew.  

By day 3 my poor feet were killing me.  You do so much walking in Vegas.  Even though the convention was in our hotel, you still walk so much.  I seriously had to take Advil to help alleviate some of the pain in my legs.

Going out 2 nights in a row and then having to get up and sit in sessions all day wore me out- by Wednesday night i was dead tired.  The day was spent in sessions again, trying to retain as much knowledge as we could.  My roommate and i had dinner at B & B, Mario Batali's restaurant.  The food in Vegas is so fancy, and yummy too!  We both stayed in that night and watched a movie after dinner.  We needed a little break from the Vegas crowd!  

The last day was again spent in sessions.  That evening HP put together a farewell party for the entire convention that included a private screening of Madagascar 3 and then a concert with Sheryl Crow and Don Henley (from the Eagles).  We went to dinner at a place called 'Delmonico's'- it is Emeril Lagasse's restaurant.  Delish!  Instead of going to the movie and concert a couple of us opted to see 'The Phantom of the Opera' which was playing in our hotel.  It was awesome- we had really great seats.  That was my first time to a show like that, i loved it.

The next morning we got up early and flew back home.  It was such a fun trip, i really hope i get to go again next year.

My company also won an award at the convention- we won HP's support partner of the Year- Commercial.  It is a huge accomplishment and says a ton about the level/quality of work that we do.  

A few pictures from the trip...

 (In the lobby of the Venetian)

 (View from our room)

 (View from our room)

 (Room in the Venezia- a tower in the Venetian)

 (Room again)

 (Inside the Phantom theater)

 (The fire show at the Mirage)

(Coworker and room mate)