Nov 17, 2011

Mid Week Brain Dump (a little late)...

I feel like the weeks are just flying by...Thanksgiving next week, shut up!  And before we know it- Christmas!  Saying this out loud reminds me of all of the things i need to do between now and the end of the year!  Yikes!

1-  Last weekend was spent traveling to Richmond to visit Matt and Lora.  As always we had a wonderful time- mom and dad even came!  We had a late birthday celebration for both of them, complete with craw fish etouffee, oysters, and plenty of alcohol.  The party was a success- I am already looking forward to next years!

2- There are so many things I want to update in my condo.  Chris and I would love to move tomorrow- however, there are things that need to be fixed before that can happen.  I have made a list- and luckily i have a handy brother in law who is willing to come down and help!  A weekend is set for upgrades- now i just need to cross some things off the list before then....ugh!

3- I have no free weekends between now and Christmas, seriously I'm tired just thinking about it.  My schedule looks something like this:  Richmond (again), Thanksgiving, (Richmond again- see #4), Oak Island, Stanley, Asheville, Christmas.

4- You may wonder why i keep going to Richmond- well the 3rd trip will actually be to Williamsburg VA.  Funny Story:  When Chris and I went to the State Fair a couple of weeks ago, i entered our names into the raffles that were set up.  Well shockingly- i was picked!  Chris and I won- a 3 day/2 night trip to Williamsburg VA, a 4 day/3 night trip to Orlando, and a $125 Visa.  I seriously never win anything!  The only thing we have to do is go sit in a 90 minute session in which they will try their very hardest to convince us we need to purchase a timeshare in 1 of the locations. :)

5- Chris is currently job hunting again.  He is still with Wells Fargo, but is ready to move on and seek other opportunities.  I remember job hunting- its probably one of my least favorite things ever- i know Chris is struggling with it too.  If y'all can remember - just say a little prayer for him and his job journey!

5- Sons of Anarchy- i am hooked.  This season is SO good!

6- Speaking of hooked- Pinterest, you are suck a time sucker......but i cant seem to stop!  So many cool things can be find on pinterest! 

7- I am going to try and have all of my Christmas shopping done in the next couple of weeks.  I also may even give the ole Black Friday shopping a try.  I am not one to normally participate in the Black Friday craziness- but with it starting early this year (10 pm Thanksgiving night)- i feel like i may actually enjoy it.

On the Black Friday topic- do you participate in Black Friday shopping?  What are the must get deals out there???