Jun 23, 2011


Some random thoughts from this week.....

#1- Wedding Reception Invitations
I finally got my reception invitations in the mail last week!  Thank God!  I am so glad to be done with them- however, all i think about now is 'What if i forgot to send one to someone'.  It's causing me stress!  Also - my mom realized that we forgot to include where we blocked off rooms for out of town guests- so now i have to send an email to everyone I can think of that may need that information- awesome!  :)  So if you are reading this and are from out of town - you can reserve rooms at the Holiday Inn in Mebane.  Why reserve in Mebane you ask?  Oh- because it just happens to be Elon University's Parents weekend or Homecoming, or something (who cares!) the same weekend of my reception- awesome # 2! :)

#2- Party Time!
Chris is leaving tomorrow to head to the coast for his bachelor party- watch out!  After much back and forth- they have changed the location of his party- they are now heading to Carolina Beach.  It was a last minute decision based on the fact that a lot of people couldn't come.  I guess it is that time of year that everyone is busy with family vacations, weddings, parties, etc.  Either way- Chris is super excited and ready to get some fishing in!  Let's all pray that these boys behave! :)

#3- Work Trip
While Chris is away- I wish i had something fun planned to share with you while he is off having a grand ole time with his buddies.  Unfortunately i have nothing of the sort planned.  Instead i will be leaving at 6am Friday, yes you read that correctly, to head to Atlanta Georgia.  Every year, around this time, my company gathers in Atlanta for a kick off meeting.  We get together for 2 days to discuss the past years accomplishments as well as the upcoming years goals.  Its a good time to catch up with people i haven't seen in a long time as well as get together with colleagues and gear up for the new fiscal year.  It just happened that this year it fell on the same weekend as Chris' bachelor party.  On the bright side- at least i wont be sitting at home by myself this weekend worrying about what kind of trouble fun the boys are getting into! :)

#4- 'I Do' update
Just thought y'all might be interested to know that Chris and I say 'I Do' in 48 days!  And only 65 days until we get to celebrate with our friends and family at the reception!  I'm excited!!!!

#5- Wedding Gifts
Speaking of the wedding- I need some help from you!  I need ideas of what to get Chris for a wedding gift?!?!?  I have no idea- what were some of the gifts you gave your new husband on your wedding day?  Did you exchange gifts- not exchange gifts???

#6- Beazley
Everyone knows how much i love and adore my sweet dog Beazley- however, he has been a source of stress for me lately.  I know, hard to believe- but lately he has been causing me to lose sleep!  The dog loves to sleep in the bed with me- if you remember from this post, sleeping, and sleeping with me, is one of his favorite things to do!  However, recently he has been getting up and down multiple times a night.  Most think this would be no big deal- however, when he wants to get back in the bed he stands right next to my head and cries.  He cries until i wake up and sit up to let him jump back in the bed.  Why he cant just jump back in without my involvement is beyond me- however he thinks that there is only 1 way in the bed.....and that requires me sitting up and him jumping in behind me.  This has been happening more frequently - i think last night he woke me up 4-5 times.  Broken sleep is getting old and its making me grouchy!  I may just end up kicking the dogs out of the bed completely....that's going to take some work!

Sorry for the random post- hope you all are having a great week! :)

Jun 20, 2011

Catch Up....Vol. 2?

I have been sooooo busy lately - I always think about blogging and then never seem to get around to it.  I know, excuses! :)

So, going forward, I am really going to work hard on keeping this up to date!  To catch y'all up- here is a little bit about what has been going on around my neck of the woods....

Last Saturday, my sweet friends Jennifer and Mary hosted a wedding shower for me in Burlington.  They did such a wonderful job- I cannot begin to explain all of the thought and hard work they put into making the day special.  Everyone had a wonderful time, including myself.  I got to see some of my fabulous friends- which is always a treat! 

In my last catch up post I mentioned that my friend Emily would be coming into town to shoot a newborn session for my other friends Kristin and Timothy- and their handsome man, Braylen.  Last Sunday we met at my parents house in Burlington in hopes to get some good shots of the little guy- he was 11 days old at the time! :)

The shoot was a breeze- Braylen was wonderful and Emily got some fabulous pictures!  Below are a couple of pictures from the day!

(What a cutie!)

(Love how this one turned out!)

(Just beautiful!)

(And because i cant help myself- hehe)
**If you are interested in having in pictures done- Emily is your girl!  She is a fabulous photographer and her prices are reasonable- not to mention she is so much fun to work with! :)

Speaking of our friends Kristin and Timothy- they called us last week to see if we were available to go to a Grasshoppers game on Tuesday night.  Chris and I haven't been all year, so of course we couldn't pass it up!  It was a perfect night for a game!  We also ran into some of friends of ours there- Katie, Jeremy, and Landon were there enjoying the game with some of their friends!  It is always so good to see them- Landon is such a cutie!!!

This past Saturday was another busy day!  I had my 3rd and final wedding shower!  Whew- 3 in a row!  This one was in Greensboro, hosted by Chris' aunt, cousin, and best friends mom.  Again, it was wonderful and they really made me feel so special.  I got lots of wonderful gifts- Chris and I feel really blessed!

Sunday was spent with, who else, our Dad's!  Our first pit stop was to Chris' parents house for lunch.  Sunday lunch is very much a tradition in the Collins house.  I cant wait until Chris and I have a house- we will definitely host some Sunday lunches at our place!  We got to spend time with Chris' dad, Chuck, and let him know how much we appreciate him, not only for fathers day- but all of the time!

Next stop was to my parents house!  We spent the second half of Sunday in Burlington celebrating fathers day with my dad as well as most of my mom's side of the family.  Since there are so many siblings on my moms side and it would be hard to decide who gets to celebrate fathers day with my grandpa - we decided the easiest thing to do is all get together.  My dad steamed shrimp and crab legs- we had that along with corn, potatoes, and kielbasa!  YUMMY!  It was a long day- but we were so happy to spend the day with the people we love the most!

Jun 7, 2011

Catch Up....

I have really slacked on posting lately!  Things sure have been busy.  So here is a little bit of whats been going on around my neck of the woods....

First Up....
My dear friends Kristin and Timothy welcomed their precious baby boy, Braylen Thomas Gray, into the world on ,Wednesday, June 1st!

Chris and I feel so blessed to be their friends- what a wonderful season of life they are entering.  We could not be happier for them!

We were able to visit them in the hospital- she had the easiest pregnancy and delivery.  I could not believe how smoothly things went- i think she was even surprised herself.  Her experience makes me anxious to have babies of my own! :)

They were released from the hospital Friday and Chris and I went to visit them on Sunday evening- we brought them dinner and some goodies!  They are really adjusting well to life with their newest family member! 

He is the sweetest little boy- I cannot wait to get over there and see him again. 

My other sweet friend Emily- will be taking Braylen's new born photos this Sunday.  She has so graciously offered to do these- she is really fabulous behind the camera!  I can't wait to see how they come out!

Any tips or tricks for the newborn session- send them over!  I will be there Sunday to help where I'm needed- any excuse to see sweet Braylen again :)

Next Up....
My dear fiends, Sara and Emily, hosted a wedding shower for me this past Saturday!  It was my first shower- and let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL!  I really have the sweetest friends!  They did such a great job on all of the details, they really made me feel special!

I got so many great gifts.  Chris and I have the best friends and family!

Round 2 begins this weekend- my friends Mary and Jennifer are hosting my second shower in Burlington this Saturday!  I am super excited about this one too!

Last but certainly not least....
Chris and I had our engagement photos taken this past Sunday!  We contacted the photographer that did my cousins wedding- and let me tell you, she is amazing!  She is so talented- and also a really fun person!

I was so worried about the engagement session- I've never had professional photographs done so i was unsure about what to expect.  She made the entire process so easy.  She was so good about telling us how to stand, which way to turn, what to do, etc.  I am so glad she did this- she really made the day easy for Chris and I.  Despite it being in the mid 90's that day we had a great time!  We had the pictures done at Fisher Park here in Greensboro- its a beautiful park in the middle of a historic neighborhood.  The houses are stunning and enormous!

Jen, our photographer, even let us bring the dogs to join the photo shoot!   I cannot wait to see how they turn out- i am so excited!

She did send me a sneak peek today- visit:  http://www.jenyuson.com/blog/?p=912

I will be sure to post more of them when she is done!