Sep 11, 2014

Baby Update

Time is just getting away from me.  Lennon will be here before I know it!  Time stood still when we were trying to get pregnant and now that we are, it is racing at the speed of light.  This pregnancy is in the final countdown and I couldn't be more ready to meet our sweet girl!!!

Here is a catch up of the last 10 (almost 11 weeks).  How am I right at 31 weeks, crazy?!

* Sleep is still my only downfall.  I count myself lucky in knowing that MANY people have it MUCH worse- if sleeping is my only issue then that is ok!  Some nights are ok and I sleep through the night (well minus at least 3 bathroom breaks) and then other nights I have insomnia so bad I am up most of the night.  

* Lennon's growth.  So far so good in this department.  In fact I am measuring quite big.  I passed my 1 hour glucose test (woohoo)- but when I went back to the doc at 29.5 weeks I was measuring closer to 33 weeks.  So we actually have an ultrasound next week to get a better idea of her size.  If she is measuring that large they may do some additional testing for diabetes.  Or they may just keep an eye on her weight.  The doc said that there is a lot of room for inaccuracy when they are measuring your belly with the tape measure.  But he just wants to check on her size to be safe.  I am not complaining, I get another peek at my sweet girl!  At that appt I had only gained 9lbs so far the whole pregnancy, so they aren't concerned with my weight gain, we may just have a chubby bunny on our hands  :)

* I have been feeling really good.  But the 3rd trimester exhaustion has set in.  I feel tired often and I cant do as much as I used to which is frustrating.  My mind wants to be able to do things, but my body just cant keep up.  So that has been an adjustment.  I make sure I take it easy a lot more these days.  I over did it one saturday a week or so ago and I paid for it with no sleep and a sore body for about 2 days.  Lesson learned- relax!

* We opted to go somewhere for a 4D ultrasound- we have an appt this weekend!  We didn't get very good pictures at our anatomy scan so we decided to do the additional ultrasound.  I cannot wait to see my little chubby princess!

* I have started to get comments from strangers about my pregnancy and all things related- those are fun!  Mostly comments on my size, ya know the ones that really boost your self esteem (sarcasm)!  I know people don't mean them maliciously, but commenting on how big someone is when they tell you their due date is not a flattering compliment.  I cant wait to hear what else i get over the next 9 weeks, should be fun! :)

* Nursery update- the nursery is almost done! Whew!  The only thing I have left to do is get some sheets for the twin bed and hang stuff on the wall.  Everything else is done- we have a crib, dresser/changing table, rocking chair, etc.  I will be sure to post some pics when it is done.  I really love how it is coming together.

* We have had 2 baby showers already- they were wonderful!  We still have the big one in Burlington in a couple of weeks and both of us will have one at work.  We are so fortunate to have people around that want to do this for us- it really means so much!

(29 weeks)

(30 weeks)

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  1. You look so beautiful!! Cant wait to meet sweet Lennon!