Jul 2, 2014

Week 14-20 Catch Up!

Maybe since I am over half way through this pregnancy it is time I document something about it.  I couldn't wait to do these updates prior to getting pregnant and now here I am and I have recorded basically nothing!

Its just such a hard thing, I have worried most of this pregnancy, and with my track record I never wanted to get ahead of myself.  I never wanted to post something about this and then something terrible happen.  But I really feel like now that im almost 21 weeks I can start to relax a bit, I really feel good about this pregnancy and think its time to share some details!

I think in my last baby related post I was around 14 weeks, so I will just do a quick recap of the week 14-20.

Week 14- I felt great, no real symptoms or issues at all.  My only downfall was sleep.  I envy all those ladies that are pregnant that sleep like rocks.  I was TOTAL opposite.  I could not sleep no matter how tired I was.  My problem was never falling asleep, I could always do that very easily, it was staying asleep.  Some nights I would wake up at 12 and be up for 1-2 hours, just wide awake.  Other times I would sleep until 3am and then be up for the day.  It just varied, but sleeping through the night was a thing of the past.  This broken sleep started almost immediately.  I would say it hit its worst peak between week 14-16.
Week 15-  I went back to the doctor for a checkup this week and took my mom with me.  She loves going to these appointments with me.  It was a fairly uneventful appointment - one where we just listened to the heart beat and had some blood work done.  I did get a recording of the heartbeat which is great, because I can listen to it any time I want!  Music to my ears!
Week 16/17- Nothing really to report during these weeks other than Lennon must have been going through a growth spurt.  In my broken sleep I would wake up FAMISHED.  Like cannot shut my eyes and go back to sleep- that's how hungry I was.  The thought of actually eating something in the middle of the night seemed like a lot of work, so I just bought Carnation instant breakfast- the powder you mix with milk.  It is quick and easy and satisfied the hunger pains.  I am not a milk drinker to begin with, but if you mix it with chocolate powder, I'm all in.  I figured this was also a good way to get calcium in that I otherwise wouldn't.  I probably got up once every night during these weeks to eat.  But I am happy to report that it has since calmed down! Now I have my chocolate milk during breakfast hours!
(17 weeks 2 days)

Week 18-  We went for our anatomy scan this week.  We were so excited for this scan- but also very anxious.  We were just nervous and ready to make sure everything looked great with Lennon.  It was so cool to see some of the images from the scan, we happily took some home with us, which we love.  She must be tucked away because we didn't get really great images, but anytime we get to catch a glimpse of our girl is worth it!

Week 19- I went to visit a genetic counselor for an initial consultation.  My brother in law was born with a heart defect, so my doctor wants me to have a fetal echo done on Lennon's heart just to be safe.  All looked well with her heart at the anatomy scan, however, this will just be an extra measure.  After talking to the genetic counselor she said Lennon's risk is VERY low, but we will still proceed with the echo just to be extra sure.
Week 20- I am smack dab in the middle of week 20 right now!  I feel great, I am sleeping a bit better.  I still get up at least 2 times a night to use the bathroom, but don't have any trouble falling back asleep.  I have really started to feel Lennon too- I thought I felt her a couple of weeks ago, but they were so few and far between that I just wasn't sure.  But now I feel her everyday, they still aren't hard kicks or anything, but rather feels like bubbles popping or something to that effect.  I cannot wait until they get harder and Chris can feel her.
(20 weeks- half way there!)

We have Lennon's fetal echo scheduled for next week- I have to go to a specialist for this since my doctors office isn't equipped to do the procedure.  It should just be an in depth look at her heart via ultrasound.  We are hopeful that all is well with her, we have no reason to believe it is not.  And we certainly cannot wait to see her again during that ultrasound.
Overall I have been extremely lucky, no morning sickness, nothing.  I can count on 1 hand how many times I've been nauseous, and its only lasted a minute or 2.  I honestly feel great and for all of my pregnancy really haven't 'felt' pregnant.  I am so thankful for how well it has been going and for the chance to do this.  Our journey here was hard (well for us at least) and we are just so blessed and thankful it is our turn!
As far as nursery goes, we really haven't done much.  We put new flooring down in parts of our house (her room included). The only things I have purchase for her nursery are a rug, a dresser/changing table, and a side table.  I think I will order the crib next week and start looking at things for her walls!  We also need to register, I started one online with things I didn't need to see in person, but we haven't picked out all of the big things.  So much to look forward to in the next couple of months!!
(The start of her nursery)

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